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Paso a Paso Book, 2019



Paso a Paso” is a social and artistic project, about the universal necessity of food in all its forms and its role in making central American migration negotiable. The work started in Mazatlán (Mexico) with “Las Patronas,” a group of women who cook daily for passing migrants. Las Patronas throw food packages on top of the La Bestia carriages, the freight train going from the border of Guatemala and Mexico to the United States. Other migrants stay with Las Patronas for several days to eat and rest before continuing their journey on foot. The project’s work became a collection of recipes, interviews, and pictures. The project can be seen as a trip through a no man’s land of culture, language, religion, origin, customs, taste, that symbolizes the wanderings of migrants. The photos by T’Hooft try to move away from documentary techniques that zoom in on tragedies. The tragic aspects of Central American migration are undeniable, but the warmth and beauty of Las Patronas are also part of the story.


Martha T’Hooft, Kask Ghent

In Collaboration with Rebecca Metzger








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