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Nonoki Documentation Booklet, 2019



15 players have been playing the game Nonoki for the first time in Mexico City from the 17th of April till the 20th of April 2019. This booklet brings together the collected narratives of each player. The booklet was first presented during the final interactive installation and presentation at the Museo Universitario Del Chopo, Mexico City on the 24th and 25th of April.


Contributions by Tabea Nixdorff, Dario Dezfuli, Maria Smit, Michiel Terpelle, Andrea Salerno, Gerardo Madera, Rebecca Metzger, Hannah Sakai, Mariana Lobao, Michelle Lin, Frederique Gagnon, Mirjam Reili, Sarah Cleeremans, Simona Koutna and Jannete Mark.

Format: A4
Printing: Digital Print Mexico City

Edition: 100 copies

Project developed in collaboration with Loes Claessens and Austin Redman.

April 2019

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