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Graphic Design


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Acoustic Drawing Method Book, Program, Research, 2014



By writing or drawing, a pen leaves visual marks. If you listen to it carefully, beside this visual outcome, the pen produces an acoustic effect as well. The topic of this project is to focus on this acoustic effect. The pen is the main actor of this research. This design approach called “Acoustic Drawing Method” switches over the perspective from the visual to the acoustic.
The parameters defined within this method are based on acoustic decisions. This method generates a new visual language defined by the acoustic aspect. The book is a catalogue of all those visual marks: it is a documentation of their sounds. It shows 177 different signs of ten different pens: the catalogue therefore includes 1770 rhythms. Furthermore, the book contains a detailed introduction to the method, gives a insight into the developement process and includes a number of visual outcomes.
The program is the other essential part of the project and contains all the acoustic material. All 1770 audio-files can be explored within this program.

Bachelor Diploma at the
Zurich University of Arts
in collaboration with Fabienne Wyss


297 x 420 mm
500 pages
Perfect Binding






Exhibited in March 2015 at the
‘It’s a book’ independent publishing
fair taking place at the Academy
of Visual Arts Leipzig, in correspondence
to the Leipzig Book Fair.

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