Moriz Oberberger
Graphic Design


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Cierre Suave

9Cierre Suave



This book was inspired by a series of events that happened in Bogotá, Medellin, Barranquilla, Palomino, and Cartagena in the summer of 2018. Mostly during taxi rides.

Text: Ana Lucia Vargas Sandoval
Print: Riso 3 colors
Pages: 50
Year: 2019

Homo Migrans

10Homo Migrans

Game, Poster


Foldable Poster for the children tour of the exhibition „Homo Migrans“ in the historical Museum Bern.


In collaboration with Fabienne Wyss.

November 2019

Digital Skills and Spaces

11Digital Skills and Spaces

Visual Identity


Visual Identity for the program “Digital Skills and Spaces” at the ZHdK. The illustrations and animations narrate a speculative story and play a crucial role in the visual identity. The illustrations are used both in digital as well as in printed matter.


Renato Soldenhoff, Charlotte Axelsson (ZHdK, Zurich)



Logo, Animations, Poster




Tilting Axis Fellowship

13Tilting Axis Fellowship



Interactive Animation for the Webcover of the Open Call of Titling Axis Fellowship addressing mid-career established researchers, artists, designers, writers, curators or cultural producers based in the Caribbean region. The fellowhship is organised by Het Nieuwe Instituut in collaboration with Amsterdam Museum, De Appel, The Black Archives and Witte de With Museum. For experiencing the animation visit the following website.


Het Nieuwe Instituut, Rotterdam



Interactive Animation




From A to Being

15From A to Being

Booklet, Performance


This booklet was published on the occasion of “Nobody Remembers A Shapeshifter” Modeshow 2019, an event hosted by Werkplaats Typografie. The text springs from computer generated sentences and is thought of as a composed selection of contemporary shuttle service claims. The booklet was part of the performance “Shuttle Service D’Angelo”.


Self-initiated in collaboration with Rebecca Metzger







Nonoki Documentation

16Nonoki Documentation



15 players have been playing the game Nonoki for the first time in Mexico City from the 17th of April till the 20th of April 2019. This booklet brings together the collected narratives of each player. The booklet was first presented during the final interactive installation and presentation at the Museo Universitario Del Chopo, Mexico City on the 24th and 25th of April.


Contributions by Tabea Nixdorff, Dario Dezfuli, Maria Smit, Michiel Terpelle, Andrea Salerno, Gerardo Madera, Rebecca Metzger, Hannah Sakai, Mariana Lobao, Michelle Lin, Frederique Gagnon, Mirjam Reili, Sarah Cleeremans, Simona Koutna and Jannete Mark.

Format: A4
Printing: Digital Print Mexico City

Edition: 100 copies

Project developed in collaboration with Loes Claessens and Austin Redman.

April 2019

Paso a Paso

17Paso a Paso



Paso a Paso” is a social and artistic project, about the universal necessity of food in all its forms and its role in making central American migration negotiable. The work started in Mazatlán (Mexico) with “Las Patronas,” a group of women who cook daily for passing migrants. Las Patronas throw food packages on top of the La Bestia carriages, the freight train going from the border of Guatemala and Mexico to the United States. Other migrants stay with Las Patronas for several days to eat and rest before continuing their journey on foot. The project’s work became a collection of recipes, interviews, and pictures. The project can be seen as a trip through a no man’s land of culture, language, religion, origin, customs, taste, that symbolizes the wanderings of migrants. The photos by T’Hooft try to move away from documentary techniques that zoom in on tragedies. The tragic aspects of Central American migration are undeniable, but the warmth and beauty of Las Patronas are also part of the story.


Martha T’Hooft, Kask Ghent

In Collaboration with Rebecca Metzger








ISIA WT Summerschool 2019

20ISIA WT Summerschool 2019

Game, Website


For 11 years these two schools organize a summer school in Urbino. This year’s edition and sign up for the summer school is designed in the form of a game where the visitor of the website is put into a fictitious building. The rooms of the building refer to the real rooms of the two schools. In this virtual voyage, visitors go through various scenarios and have the opportunity to collect souvenirs, left behind by the students. Also, they should find the oracle Oguh, which provides valuable information about the summer school and access to the registration form granted. For experiencing the game visit the following website.


ISIA Urbino, Werkplaats Typografie Arnhem



Website, Game, Illustrations




Bunte Steine

21Bunte Steine

Catalogue, Poster


Catalogue, poster and invitation for the group exhibition „Bunte Steine“ in the Georg Kolbe Museum in Berlin.


Georg Kolbe Museum Berlin



Poster, Catalogue, Program




Agency & Choice

23Agency & Choice

Book Cover


Cover for the PhD thesis „Agency & Choice – On the cognitive and conceptual foundations of agency in economics and behavioral decision research of philosopher James D. Grayot.


James D. Grayot







Gran Colectivo Pantitlán

24Gran Colectivo Pantitlán

Flyer, Poster, Visual Identity, Website


Visual identity for Gran Colectivo Pantitlán. It is a Mexican collective of artists, scientists, and cooks, based in Amsterdam.  The collective organizes in changing venues and different constellations Events that reflect the Mexican culture in all its facets.


Gran Colectivo Pantitlán



Logo, Poster, Flyer, Animations, Website



since 2018

fin Projects

26fin Projects

Visual Identity


fin is an innovative company with finesse and a focus on priorities. Sustainability is the key foundation to the product and design development and the value chains which surround it’s creation. They rely and focus on traceable, socially and ecologically responsible value chains.


With Project #1, fin has developed a sustainable and traceable leather value chain – from Swiss farmers to the final product. Behind each of these processing steps are people and companies who have comitted themselves to the project through their experience and knowledge, and share their passion for a responsible leather industry.


We created the whole visual identity for fin, including a Journal, a foldeable Lookbook poster, businesscards, hangtags, website, packaging, postcards and a small exhibiton for the launch.

Juliette Chrétien
David Suter
Herr & Frau Rio, München


Julian Schmidt

June 2017





Photobook about a journey to Palermo in April 2017.

FORMAT: 21,0 cm x 29,7 cm
PAGES: 200
BINDING: Stitch binding
YEAR: 2017
PRICE: 30 Euro

Every Time A Ear di Soun – Public Radio Documenta 14

30Every Time A Ear di Soun – Public Radio Documenta 14

Poster, Visual Identity


Documenta Website:

„Every Time A Ear di Soun is a documenta 14 Radio Program in collaboration with Deutschlandfunk Kultur that explores sonority and auditory phenomena such as voice, sound, music, and speech as mediums for writing counter-hegemonic histories. Every Time A Ear di Soun reflects on how the sonic impacts subjectivities and spaces, especially through the medium of radio.


For the duration of documenta 14, nine radio stations in Greece, Cameroon, Colombia, Lebanon, Brazil, Indonesia, the United States, and Germany constitute a worldwide art exhibition on air.“

In collaboration with Studio Laurenz Brunner we developed a foldable poster with the program and a booklet.


For Studio Laurenz Brunner
April 2017





Documentation booklet for the craftsmen Leo & Friedel. They installed a textinstallation of Tine Melzer in collaboration with Büro 146 on the housefacade of Alpenhof.

2-color Risoprint

November 2016

Acoustic Drawing Method

37Acoustic Drawing Method

Book, Program, Research


By writing or drawing, a pen leaves visual marks. If you listen to it carefully, beside this visual outcome, the pen produces an acoustic effect as well. The topic of this project is to focus on this acoustic effect. The pen is the main actor of this research. This design approach called “Acoustic Drawing Method” switches over the perspective from the visual to the acoustic.
The parameters defined within this method are based on acoustic decisions. This method generates a new visual language defined by the acoustic aspect. The book is a catalogue of all those visual marks: it is a documentation of their sounds. It shows 177 different signs of ten different pens: the catalogue therefore includes 1770 rhythms. Furthermore, the book contains a detailed introduction to the method, gives a insight into the developement process and includes a number of visual outcomes.
The program is the other essential part of the project and contains all the acoustic material. All 1770 audio-files can be explored within this program.

Bachelor Diploma at the
Zurich University of Arts
in collaboration with Fabienne Wyss


297 x 420 mm
500 pages
Perfect Binding






Exhibited in March 2015 at the
‘It’s a book’ independent publishing
fair taking place at the Academy
of Visual Arts Leipzig, in correspondence
to the Leipzig Book Fair.





Developed at the Werkplaats Typografie Summerschool 2013: The topic for the 2 weeks workshop in Urbino was History – Story. We were free to develope a historical project related to the history of Urbino itself or to tell our own story.

This document contains text , transcribed from recordings made during that day. In addition to that, a photo was taken every minute. By doing that we tried to catch the atmosphere of the Werkplaats Typografie Summerschool in Urbino 2013.

210 x 297 mm
ca. 500 pages
Punch hole binding
In collaboration with Max Schachtner
July 2013


Armand Mevis
Maureen Mooren
Barbara Visser
Leonardo Sonnoli


Exhibited in March 2014 at the
‘It’s a book’ independent publishing
fair taking place at the Academy
of Visual Arts Leipzig, in correspondence
to the Leipzig Book Fair.


Exhibited in June 2014 at the
26th International Biennial
of Graphic Design Brno.


Published in the catalogue
of 26th International Biennal
of Graphic Design Brno 2014.